Tim strives to minister to each audience member from a sincere, Father’s heart perspective, writing his music as if the Father is speaking these timeless words over His children. Tim excels at pulling integral nuggets of Biblical Truth into his songs and his impromptu, free-flowing way of conversing with the audiences connects them quickly. Even though Tim shares plenty of spontaneous laughter with the audience, it’s obvious that Tim’s heart and drive is to see people connect deeply with their Heavenly Father and know how desperately they are loved. Tim has seen over and over again as he’s prayed for people in our events how hard it can be for someone to receive a hug (love and forgiveness) from God. However, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he strives to see that deep connection take place. Yes, the journey we walk may be hard, but as we press into the Truth, Tim shares how we can all come out changed when we have been truly held by the Daddy who loves us beyond measure. 

Emilie speaks from a strong and deep desire to show others who they are in Christ as she shares her unique perspective and story. Her journey has been a long, winding road of God showing her who she is in Christ through the Holy Spirit’s gentle nudges. There is a vulnerability present as Emilie shares some painful experiences, but she is still able to convey her journey with grace and strength. There is a tangible peace as she communicates the love of God for her and others. Not afraid to laugh or cry with the audience, Emilie joyfully delivers her message of hope and truth. Those with wounded hearts and identity issues will identify closely with Emilie, as well as anyone who needs God’s Truth spoken into their life. You will look at your life differently and begin to see who you really are in Christ after you hear Tim and Emilie share the love, forgiveness and restoration only our Father can bring.

Tim and Emilie know they are called as a family and they are excited to minister together as a husband and wife team, seeing how God can use their individual and mutual strengths. Emilie’s quiet confidence coupled with Tim’s extroverted nature will capture audiences of all ages. Revealing who we are as dearly loved children of God through music, Biblical Truth, and interactive multimedia, Tim, a gifted singer and songwriter, and Emilie with her intriguing story will not hold back from honoring God throughout their presentation. They desire to connect with their audiences with the same passion that God carries out to pursue us. Spirit-led, meaningful words of Truth will carry us on our journey home.


Our 3 kids are Joshua, Jacob and Emma. Joshua is 5, Jacob is 4, and Emma is 2. Our kids love life and live it passionately. Joshua had memorized the David and Goliath story by the time he was 2. He is the inquisitive, always asking questions oldest. Lover of numbers and math and the color orange, he is the quintessential big brother always looking out for his little brother and sister. Jacob is the playful, spontaneous one who loves dinosaurs and animals and the color blue. He also loves to dress up in all kinds of costumes. With a smile to light up your day, he can be a thunderstorm and sunshine all in one. Emma, our youngest, can’t be missed with her sassy attitude and curly locks. She is expressive, charming, and exudes confidence at her young age. Her signature color is bright pink, expressing her spunky, no nonsense personality. Our kids love playing together; with their ages so close they are all about their favorite toys and are learning to share. All lovable, sweet, and witty, we love watching them grow and change by the day. There is never a dull moment on our traveling adventures on our tour bus complete with bunk beds and lots of classic kids movies.


Isaiah 57:14 says “Rebuild the road. Clear away the rocks and stones so my people can return from captivity.” God gave us this verse as the heart of our ministry. Our ministry logo, the heart mended back together, speaks to what we are all about as we minister to people. We are speaking to the brokenhearted, the captives who need to be set free in Christ. We have a heart for those who are hurting and and are broken hearted, experiencing life’s ongoing or day-to-day struggles. We desire to see people set free, to become whole in our Heavenly Father. Our identity in Christ is extremely important to why we do what we do through ministry. Our passion to see people changed as only our Father can.


Emilie has a passion for dragonflies that started in her early 20s when she received a dragonfly pin for Christmas. God has interwoven dragonflies beautifully into her story where least expected. Not only do dragonflies amazingly capture the depth of God’s creation, they encapsulate the essence of who Emilie is because of their significance in her life. These creatures have not only captured Emilie’s attention, but the focus of her husband and children as well. Whether enthralled by just a piece of jewelry or an actual dragonfly, these little creatures can communicate so much about our identity in Christ.


Journey Home Ministries Presents: No Place Like Home Tour

Isaiah 57:14 God God says, “Rebuild the road! Clear away the rocks and stones so my people can return from captivity.”

Journey Home Ministries: No Place Like Home Tour will be like something churches have never experienced before. A two hour journey of stirring testimony, Biblical teaching, dramatic cinematic elements and Christ-centered music will draw attendees of all ages. During each event, Tim and Emilie Arnett strive to minister to each audience member from a sincere, Father’s heart perspective as if our Heavenly Father is speaking these timeless words over His children. Tim excels at pulling integral nuggets of Biblical Truth into his songs and both Tim and Emilie’s free-flowing way of conversing with audiences connects them quickly with all age groups.  From sharing laughter during the reminiscing portion, to expelling the lies of the Enemy, and to revealing Biblical truth, it’s obvious that their heart and drive is to see people connect deeply with their Heavenly Father and know how desperately they are loved. It’s our prayer that people will leave with a fresh vision of who they are as dearly loved children of God as they find their solid footing on their journey.


Born in a suburb of Chicago, to Peter and Suzanne Crosby, I am the youngest of 4 children, two boys and two girls. My sister is the oldest with 2 brothers sandwiched between us. I have loved animals, baking and writing since I can remember. All were outlets for me. I was good at those things and they wouldn’t hurt me. I was quiet and shy as a youngster, not really knowing who I was. I was afraid to be me. Fear was a constant factor for me for many years. Not growing up with my dad around too often, struggles with my earthly father and being comfortable with men were very apparent as I entered young adulthood. So were the many fears that clogged my head and made me feel like I was less of a person. Hearing the voice of Truth was very hard for me. I had many voices in my head telling me I wasn’t worth the time or attention of someone. I remember God spoke to me as a teenager and began to draw me to himself with my own Bible when I was 14, but I wasn’t a believer yet. 

As I got to college, I witnessed how much Christ was exalted on my campus. I became a Christian at the age of 19 at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee. God made the Gospel real to me and spoke the reality of his sacrifice to me for the first time. He has lead me down long roads of dealing with pain and sadness. The shock and disbelief I felt was tangible. It has been a journey of much upheaval as I have had to wrestle with so many “daddy” issues to bring me to where I am today. The journey is certainly worth it. God used Tim in my life in amazing ways. He used him to bring Truth into my life when I least wanted to hear it or let it shatter all the walls I had built up around me. Coming out of my shell is a huge deal for me as I have grown in Christ so much in my years as a believer. It is my prayer that God will use my story to impact many lives for His Kingdom. I know that many people will be able to relate to my story in a deep, life-changing way. I am excited to tell many people of the magnificent love, hope and truth that Christ brings us. 


Born in Northern Virginia to Tim and Agnes Arnett, I am the youngest of 7 - five girls and two boys. Saved at VBS when I was 13, I immediately felt a strong call on my life. God was drawing me to something more, something significant. Growing up I didn’t attend church with my mom and dad, so I was totally blown away when I saw how real God was and that He wanted to talk with me and have a real and deep relationship. I didn’t know the potential traps of religion; I just fell into a real relationship with Jesus and I wanted others to experience the joy that I had. As a teenager, I started sharing the Gospel with my friends and several made decisions for Christ. During this time my mom and dad got saved as well. They had been very steeped in religion and I heard my mom share on many occasions her wonder that God was so real now. This really impacted me and that connection that God wants with his kids. 

In junior high I won two poetry contests back to back. I started writing lots of poetry, which in college eventually led me into my music career. I was headed to play soccer at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, but during my freshman year, they tore up our soccer field. God had bigger and better plans. One day a girl came up to me that needed a song written for a Bible study. I wrote a song for Psalm 1. Word spread on campus that I sang and doors began to open. The next thing I know I’m writing new Bible songs for the kids in the nearby projects of Cabrini Green and they are coming to Christ. The president of Moody heard about what I was doing with the kids and invited me to perform at Founders Week that year. We performed in front of 5,000 people and broadcast all over the nation via radio. That started my music ministry in earnest. 

Several years later after a family tragedy, I wrote a song called “Remember Me” which garnered lots of attention from Nashville and L.A. and was considered for a movie soundtrack, but nothing ever came to fruition. Even though that was an exciting time, and it would have been fun to hear my song in a movie, I knew even then that my heart’s number one focus and desire is to see God intimately and directly speak to His children. God’s Word, even one word, can change a life. My prayer is that I decrease and that he increases so that his message will shine clear.