On the Road Update

We are just pulling out of Nashville in our bus.  We've been in studio for the past week working with the uber talented Jude Smith.  Tim and Jude spent about 18 hours a day working tirelessly in the studio.  Emilie and the kids toured around Nashville and had a great time getting more acclaimated to life on the road and in the bus.  The kids had a great time playing on the playground just feet from where we are anchored at Donnely Church of Christ in Nashville.  Huge shout out Donnely Church for allowing us to stay with them which was right next to our studio.  

Tim and Jude worked on four new tracks which will be used heavily in our upcoming Run of Show called No Place Like Home Tour!   We are very excited about this event and know it will be LIFE CHANGING!!!  

Please pray for us as we dig in and endeavor to hear what Jesus has to say to us!

Until next time!

Real Peace!
Tim, Emilie, Joshua, Jacob and Emma Grace!